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OSHA Fines Manufacturer For Failing to Address Hazards

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) works to hold businesses accountable for workplace conditions. The agency distributes information, investigates complaints and performs regular inspections to ensure compliance with OSHA regulations.

Even after OSHA identifies a hazard, it is up to the company to correct it. Investigators provide the company with a deadline for handling the issue, called an “abatement” date.

What Is a Failure to Abate Violation?

Failing to address a hazard identified by OSHA is a violation in itself, known as a “failure to abate” violation. These can lead to serious disciplinary action by OSHA, including substantial fines and enrolling the company in OSHA’s Severe Violator Enforcement Program.

Formed Fiber Technologies experienced OSHA’s wrath firsthand, and rightfully so, after inspectors discovered that the facility provided false documentation claiming that it had corrected previously cited hazards.

In October 2013, the Sidney, Ohio plant was cited for several hazards relating to hydraulic presses. When OSHA followed up in January, it found that employees were still being exposed to unsafe workplace conditions, even though Formed Fiber had submitted abatement documentation months earlier.

After uncovering unguarded machines and unsafe maintenance procedures, OSHA fined Formed Fiber more than $800,000 for willfully endangering its employees. In addition to the failure to abate violation, the facility received 14 serious and willful violations, many of which had already been cited during a previous inspection.

The workplace hazards identified by OSHA put workers at risk for serious injuries, including laceration, electrocution, amputation and burns. By submitting false documents, this company has proven they would rather lie to the authorities than address the hazards and protect its workers.

No amount of regulation can deter some businesses from putting profits above their employees. If your workplace caused you illness or injury, Larrimer & Larrimer can help you fight back. The right knowledge can make a big difference in your case, so call today to speak with one of our experienced workers’ comp attorneys.

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