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OSHA Fines Four Northwest Ohio Construction Companies

The United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) fined four Northwest Ohio construction companies for safety violations, according to the Toledo Blade. The inspection brought the violations to the attention of OSHA. The fines total $126,760.

OSHA issued four violations to Salgau Roofing, Inc. for $33,880, one labeled “serious”, one “willful” and a “repeat serious.” They fined Jason Westhoven and Associates $33,660 for six “serious” and two “repeat serious” violations. Violations there included ones for employees not wearing safety glasses and not being protected while on scaffolds.

OSHA fined J.B & Co. $20,020 for two “serious” violations and one “repeat serious” for not using fall protection measures for work on a three-story apartment building. They issued a $18,200 fine to Property Construction, LLC., a Minnesota-based company for one “serious” and one “willful” violation, also related to fall protection.

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