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OSHA Cites US Postal Service

The United States Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has fined a United States Postal Service facility in Champaign, Illinois for eight safety violations. OSHA inspectors investigated the facility after receiving a complaint from a worker at the Champaign facility who was concerned about fall protection and energy control procedures.

“The Postal Service failed to implement necessary safety procedures and to ensure the workers in the Champaign facility were trained to lockout machinery to prevent injury,” said the director of OSHA’s Peoria Area Office. “All employers are responsible for recognizing hazards in their facilities and addressing them by following OSHA standards.”

The inspectors identified an amputation and laceration risk on the conveyor belts used by employees who scan and sort mail. Managers at the facility did not take the time to train employees on how to power down the conveyor belt properly in the event of a jam. As such, employees might reach into the conveyor belt mechanism to clear a jam under the false assumption that the system is completely powered down. In addition, inspectors found that workers risked falling when clearing jams from elevated conveyor belts.

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