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OSHA Cites Ohio Facility for Fire Hazards

Mohawk Industries Inc., a carpet and tile maker based in Georgia, has agreed to settle fines with the US Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for safety violations cited at one of its facilities in Johnstown, Ohio. OSHA cited the facility for issues mostly related to fire protection and prevention.

OSHA cited the facility for four serious violations related to dust, unguarded floor and electrical hazards. Officials also cited two violations for inadequate hazard communications. The agreement reached between Mohawk and OSHA requires Mohawk to adjust the fire hazards at the facility, as well as at other facilities in Georgia and Connecticut.

Mohawk has also agreed to develop procedures and regular cleanup and removal of polymer foam dust, which is flammable. When this dust and other flammable dust accumulate on the floor and surfaces, it is a fire hazard that puts every worker at risk.

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