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OSHA Cites Clean-Up Contractors in Colorado

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has issued fines to contractors in Parachute, Colorado following an oil and gas spill in the area, according to the Denver Post. Three of the contractors hired to clean up the spill exposed workers to hazards without providing proper safety measures.

OSHA issued fines to Striegel Inc., Badger Daylighting Corp. and Bargath, a subsidiary of Williams Co., for multiple serious violations, including failure to provide employees with respirators.

“OSHA also wants to ensure that workers know their rights and that employers know their responsibilities for protecting workers,” said Department of Labor spokesperson Juan Rodriguez. “Responding to a chemical spill without the appropriate level of respiratory protection places the employees at risk of sustaining adverse health effects resulting from their exposure.”

OSHA has proposed $10,200 in fines to Badger, $9,800 to Striegel and $7,854 to Bargath. Workers responding to a chemical spill are required by federal regulations to be provided with proper equipment to ensure their safety. There is more information on hazardous working conditions and workers comp available on our site. Please contact our firm today for a free consultation if you have suffered a workplace injury.

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