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Ohio Workers’ Memorial Day Shows Impact of Fatal Work Accidents on Families

Last week was Workers’ Memorial Day, and citizens in Ohio came together to mourn the loss of those killed in fatal work accidents. Ceremonies were held throughout the state, and the Assistant Secretary of Labor for OSHA gave a speech on workplace safety. Families were given another chance to say goodbye to loved ones, and the state of Ohio was able to join them in paying their respects.

Work accidents affect both workers and entire families. In the case of fatal work accidents, children are left without a parent, and spouses without a significant other. Take for example the case of an employee for First Energy Corporation, who died while servicing a power line in 2011. The man left behind a family.

On average, there are 12 fatal work accidents around the country every day. Last year in Ohio, 115 workers died in fatal work accidents. Last week, we wrote about two workers who lost their lives while painting a water tower. For Workers’ Memorial Day, Ohio workers who have died on the job were mourned and remembered.

Can Family Members Receive Workers’ Comp?

Nothing can bring back the loss of a loved one, but in many cases, family members lost in work accidents provided income and housing. In the state of Ohio, family members who lose a loved one might be entitled to workers’ comp benefits. Depending on the circumstances of the accident, additional benefits might be possible.

Contacting an attorney costs nothing and can help families figure out what options are available.

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