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Ohio Worker Suffers Facial Burns From Molten Plastic

An Ohio injection mold company has been fined for eight Occupational Safety and Health Administration violations (OSHA) after a 36-year-old employee suffered severe facial burns from molten plastic. The company is responsible for manufacturing parts for Ford and Whirlpool.

According to OSHA, the employee was injured while cleaning a plastic injection press. Investigators claim the machine had not been turned off during maintenance, allowing hot plastic to shoot into the worker’s face. The investigation also revealed the company had not trained employees to use the machines safely and had failed to provide protective equipment against burns.

Had locking devices been used on the machines, the accident may not have happened. The worker was taken to the hospital with severe burns to his face, eyes and hands.

OSHA proposed penalties of $48,900 for 10 safety violations.

Can Work Accidents Involving Burn Injuries Cause Disfigurement?

Work accidents involving burn injuries can cause permanent disabilities. In some cases, burn injuries cause disfigurement and workers may be unable to return to their occupations. Depending on the severity of the burns, nerves and muscle tissue can also be damaged. Permanent disability or significant injuries are more likely to result from third degree burns.

Workers who sustain disabling injuries on the job may be able to receive workers’ compensation or disability benefits. Depending on the injury and the circumstances, additional compensation might be possible.

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