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Ohio Fallen Workers Memorial Held on August 29

The Fallen Workers Memorial, held annually by the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC), took place on August 29, according to WorkersCompensation.com. The ceremony is held to honor Ohioans who lost their lives on the job and express appreciation for their service and sacrifice. During this year’s ceremony, over 125 workers were remembered, including having Ohio Governor John R. Kasich on hand to pay tribute to them.

“We owe a debt of gratitude which can never be fully repaid to those dedicated laborers who have been killed as the result of a workplace injury,” said Governor Kasich.

BWC Administrator/CEO Steve Buehrer was also on hand to honor Ohio’s fallen workers during the ceremony, which was held in the BWC’s William Green Building in downtown Columbus. In addition to Governor Kasich and Buehrer, local labor and business leaders as well as members of the BWC Board of Directors were also in attendance, including Board Chairman Nicholas Zuk and Board members Peggy Griffith and David Caldwell.

“Each death is heartbreaking but offers an opportunity to reflect on the reasons workplace safety must be an absolute priority for all of us,” said Buehrer.

Besides the tribute by Governor Kasich, other highlights of the ceremony included BWC Chief of Field Operations Tina Kielmeyer and BWC Assembly President of the OSCEA Shirley Hubbert reading aloud the names of the fallen and Griffith reading aloud the poem “Memorial for Workers.” Buehrer also read aloud a resolution issued by Governor Kasich recognizing the memorial and asking all the people of Ohio to join in commemorating those who lost their lives on the job. At the conclusion of the ceremony, a bell was tolled in memory of the fallen workers.

“Sadly, some of the millions of Ohioans who go to work each day don’t return home, and their families, friends and communities must cope with their tragic loss,” said Buehrer. “We honor the memory of Ohio’s fallen workers and gather each year to honor these men and women who were committed to their jobs, and lost their lives as a result of fulfilling that commitment.”

If someone you love lost his or her life on the job, we may be able to help. Workers’ comp laws are complex and confusing, but we have been successfully helping victims recover the full compensation due to them for over eight decades.

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