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Ohio Employee Scalped by Machinery Talks About Psychological Damage

Work accidents can leave survivors with more than physical scars. In 2012, an Ohio employee got her ponytail trapped in a machine used to cut steel tubing. Witnesses to the accident were unable to set her free in time and the machine scalped her, leaving her both physically and emotionally scarred from the incident.

In an interview with the press, the employee claims she suffers from the injury daily and has terrifying nightmares about the accident. Although her hair is permanently gone, family members of the woman claim the emotional scarring from the accident is much worse than the physical injury. Since the work accident, the woman has been unable to work outside of her home.

At the time of the work accident, the woman was making $8 an hour and had only been working for six days. The injured woman claims that employers need to put a greater emphasis on workplace safety, especially in jobs that involve working with machinery.

Can Workers With Psychological Injuries Get Workers’ Comp?

Survivors of work accidents can sometimes carry the weight of psychological scars. Ohio recently allowed first responders and police officers to file for workers’ compensation benefits for post-traumatic stress disorder. In some cases, workers other than emergency personnel might fit the description for PTSD.

Contacting an attorney costs nothing, and having one review your case could make it easier to receive workers’ comp or other benefits.

Our readers can learn more about psychological damage from physical injuries by continuing to explore our website.

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