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Ohio BWC Awards Employers for Workplace Safety Innovations

Over the last several weeks we have written about Ohio’s workplace fatality rate increasing, mostly due to employers failing to train workers on workplace safety. Providing employers incentives to maintain a safe work environment is a step in the right direction.

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) has announced that it will award employers that improve workplace safety standards. Ultimately, the goal of workplace safety is to reduce the number of injuries and deaths from workplace accidents and illnesses.

In 2012, the Ohio BWC introduced the Safety Innovations Competition, in which 53 companies participated. Of the 53 companies selected to participate in the competition, 5 finalists are selected. Once the finalists are selected, a panel of judges evaluates and scores innovations based on several criteria, such as return on investment, risk reduction and presentation quality.

This year’s winner won $7,000 for developing a customized height-packing platform so workers would not have to bend and reach for heavy objects, putting them at risk for musculoskeletal injuries.

Other workplace safety events took place in Ohio recently, including the 2015 Ohio Safety Congress & Expo. The Expo offers 200 educational sessions offering techniques to avoid work accidents for employers and workers.

Should Injured Employees Contact a Workers’ Comp Attorney?

Injured workers might have an opportunity to file a workers’ compensation claim to receive benefits for an injury. Contacting an attorney can help the workers’ compensation process move smoothly and efficiently.

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