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Ohio Business Fined by OSHA for Unsafe Work Environment

An Ohio rubber-hose manufacturer has been fined $134,000 by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for ignoring safety rules regarding the use of industrial machines in addition to other violations. Last year in May, an employee was involved in a fatal work accident after being caught in one of the machines.

An investigation revealed that the company had failed to put up safety guards on machines and ignored policies for maintenance that protects workers from electrocution.

In addition to neglecting the use of machine guards, the company used platform lifts and elevator shafts without guardrails, exposing workers to falls.

How Can Workers Alert OSHA to an Unsafe Work Environment?

With so many blatant violations, what recourse would workers have to inform someone that their workplace is unsafe? Fortunately, workers can anonymously submit tips to OSHA, and even if caught, cannot face retaliation from their employers.

Workers have the option of contacting their OSHA area office directly, or going online and submitting a detailed form.

OSHA is a limited organization and cannot investigate each inquiry in person. However, in some cases, companies providing an unsafe work environment can be told to fix the problems or face fines.

Injured workers are not without options and contacting an attorney can help ease the situation of applying for and receiving workers’ compensation or disability benefits. In cases of extreme negligence, additional legal options might become available.

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