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New OSHA Rule to Protect Workers from Construction Accidents

On many of our previous blogs, we have written about the perils faced by construction workers in the state of Ohio. Fortunately, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has begun adding new rules that can help protect workers in the construction industry.

On May 1st, OSHA announced a new rule that would protect construction workers in confined spaces. Confined spaces include manholes, crawl spaces and tanks. By requiring that multiple employers share information and continuously monitor workspaces, OSHA believes that 780 serious injuries can be avoided annually. Workers in confined spaces can face the risk of electrocutions, explosions and asphyxiation.

Last year, two Ohio construction workers died while repairing leaks in a manhole. While working within the confined space, the two workers were overcome by fumes, and ultimately asphyxiated. As of now, the new rule has only been announced, but it will go into effect on August 3rd. By sharing information on potential work hazards, it might be possible for workers to avoid future fatal construction accidents.

Am I Eligible for Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

Even with changes, not every employer follows the rules and workers can pay a heavy price. In Ohio, injured workers and surviving family members might be able to file a claim with the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. Depending on the circumstances of the accident and injuries, additional benefits might be possible.

Contacting a workers’ comp attorney costs nothing, and a brief review of your case could speed up the process of receiving benefits.

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