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New OSHA Regulations to Help Protect Cell Tower Workers From Construction Accidents

Occupational Safety and Health Administration officials are asking the public for input on how to improve safety for workers who service cell phone towers. Maintenance of cell phone towers presents the risk of falling and electrocution, a means by which hundreds of workers lose their lives every year. In 2014, 12 fatal work accidents occurred while servicing cell phone towers.

Among the groups OSHA will seek to engage on improving safety are construction management firms, tower owners and maintenance companies. Structural collapses and falls from 200 feet mean certain death for workers. OSHA has recently taken other steps to help protect cell tower workers, such as updating its policies on hoist systems and equipment that can protect workers from falls.

New policies will seek to increase training for cell tower workers by teaching them how to spot defective equipment and research a product’s safety history by checking for recall information.

Are Falls a Common Construction Accident?

Falls are the number one cause of fatal work accidents in the American workforce, accounting for 294 out of 796 construction accident deaths in 2013. OSHA regulations require employers to properly train workers and provide equipment to protect against falls.

Workers who have been injured and families who have lost loved ones to fatal work accidents might have options for receiving workers’ compensation. Contacting an attorney can help individuals and families figure out what steps to take next.

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