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New Jersey Temporarily Closes Library Pending Safety Upgrades

Orange Mayor Dwayne Warren has ordered the Orange Public Library in New Jersey to be temporarily closed until safety issues are corrected, according to NJ Online. The library had previous issues related to lead paint and asbestos that lead to a two-month closure in 2010.

Officials from the US Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the state Division of Public Safety inspected the facility again and cited violations due to “extensive structural issues.”

The inspection came after Orange council president Teancy Eason fell in the library and alerted the state officials. She fell on a staircase due to a missing rail—which is an OSHA violation. OSHA has not yet released a summary of its findings.

“It was a threat and a safety issue to patrons and workers there,” said Warren. The mayor said estimated repair costs total over $1 million.

It is good to see Mayor Warren not willing to take a risk when it comes to the safety of the public and the library workers.

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