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Certain Mistakes Workers Make While On Workers Compensation

A workers’ compensation policy is very helpful to workers who get injured at work. The policy helps workers gain access to medical care and receive compensation that covers their lost wages while they are out seeking treatment. Unfortunately, some injured workers miss out on the policy’s benefits due to making certain mistakes.

What are these mistakes, some people may ask? Without further ado, here are eight mistakes to avoid when seeking the workers' compensation policy.

Not Reporting Your Injury On Time

Not Reporting Your Injury on Time

There are varying reasons why some workers do not report their injuries. Some do not think their injuries are serious, while others have fragile egos. Whichever the reason, it would be best for workers to report their injuries within 24-48 hours.

When a worker reports their injury, the employer should fill out the First Report of Injury (FROI) form. The employer will then submit the form to the relevant insurance company.

Exaggerating Your Injury

Some workers view the workers’ compensation policy as an opportunity to enrich themselves. They will lie about the severity of their injuries in the hopes of getting a large compensation. Any worker who finds themselves in this position, should know what not to say at an independent medical examination (IME), and should resist the urge to lie about their injuries.

When a worker reports their injury, they must visit a doctor, and may want to call a Columbus work injury attorney. Remember, they cannot deceive a doctor about the nature of their injury. Once the doctor discovers a worker exaggerated their injuries, they may advise the insurance company not to compensate them.

Failing To Follow the Doctor’s Instructions

People typically stop following a doctor’s instructions when they begin to feel better. Since they think they are better, they begin engaging in strenuous activity that may worsen their injuries.

If a worker needs to do certain things around their home, they should enlist the help of friends to help with simple things, such as house chores.

Not Going to Work After the Doctor Clears You for Light-duty Work

The doctor will typically tell the worker how long they should stay out of work. Amazingly, some workers remain at home despite being cleared for light-duty work.

If a worker stays away from work for too long, the employer might assume the worker is disinterested in working. As a result, they may declare their position vacant.

In case a worker is paranoid about the state of their injuries, they can speak to their doctor about it. The doctor may advise the worker to remain home if they still experience pain or discomfort.

Being Quick To Take the First Settlement Offer

There is a reason why it is sometimes necessary to seek a second opinion. Sometimes doctors assume that a worker will not improve after receiving additional therapy or treatment. In medical terms, the doctor may claim the worker has achieved maximum medical improvement (MMI).

Once a worker is given MMI status, they will be immediately entitled to a worker’s compensation settlement. Some workers will accept the settlement out of greed or hatred for visiting the hospital.

Unfortunately, the first settlement offer is mostly a raw deal. That is because the settlement will not consider that the injury may worsen.

Not Selecting Your Own Doctor

Not Selecting Your Own Doctor

Some organizations hire staff doctors. In case a worker is injured, they may find it pointless to choose a doctor since the company has doctors.

However, workers must know they are not obligated to consult the company’s doctors. They are free to select the ones they trust. Workers who identify their preferred doctors must ensure their employer or claims adjuster approves them. Learn more about the role of the workers comp adjuster.

Keep in mind that not all doctors can handle workers' compensation matters. That means you must choose a doctor who is certified in the area. Fortunately, you can get advice on finding the right doctors from the attorneys of Larrimer & Larrimer.


Hopefully, this piece will help workers know what to do in case they are injured at work. The challenging thing for some workers is remembering all these tips. However, if a worker gets injured in Ohio, all they need to do is contact Larrimer & Larrimer for a free consultation.

Larrimer & Larrimer is a law firm which is knowledgeable about Ohio workers’ compensation laws. These attorneys will not only help workers get compensation, but also sensitize them about the laws. Any Ohio worker that needs compensation services should contact the firm at (614) 820-1855.

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