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Maryland Firefighters Seek Expedited Workers Comp Benefits

A sluggish workers compensation system has forced many disabled firefighters to retire early, according to firefighters in Maryland.

Members of the International Association of Firefighters Local 1664 in Montgomery County are imploring the Office of the Inspector General to investigate the county’s workers compensation system. The firefighters claim that it takes too long for the responsible company to process claims and provide benefits, causing the firefighters to delay treatments and surgeries. They also claim that the company wrongfully denied benefits to some members.

Delayed and Denied Benefits Force Early Retirement, Firefighters Say

Union president Jeffrey Buddle wrote a letter to the Inspector General, claiming that a lack of workers compensation benefits ultimately costs the taxpayer more.

“For some, the delay has caused their medical condition to worsen so dramatically that employees have been forced to retire on service connected disability retirement,” Buddle said in the letter. He says that these retirement benefits cost the county “hundreds of thousands of dollars in disability retirement benefits.”

CorVel Corp. is the third-party company responsible for processing the county’s workers compensation claims.

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