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Mansfield Auto Manufacturer Cited for Amputation Hazards

Most of this country’s factory workers work with heavy industrial machinery. The machines perform an essential task, but moving parts and electrical hazards can make them dangerous for employees.

Workers caught in a machine’s moving parts can suffer deep cuts or crushing injuries, many of which require amputation. Most workers who suffer amputations are injured by unguarded blades or machinery.

Kronis Coatings Division received multiple health and safety violations for improper machine guarding, after an inspection from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Investigators determined that Kronis’s negligence had exposed workers to amputation hazards. The Mansfield auto manufacturer was cited for a lack of machine guarding and failure to adjust machinery properly.

Kronis received similar citations during an OSHA investigation in 2012, meaning the company faced several repeat violations. OSHA’s proposed penalties totaled $62,400.

Employees who lose limbs to unguarded machinery often face a long and difficult recovery. If the damage is too severe, workers can become permanently disabled and unable to continue in their chosen field.

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