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Larrimer & Larrimer Sponsoring German Village Walking Club

The German Village Walking Club (GVWC) is a group that gets together weekly to socialize and walk for fitness in and around the neighborhoods of downtown Columbus, Ohio. The GVWC’s membership includes experienced race walkers as well as people who simply walk as a form of exercise.

The GVWC meets every Saturday morning at 8 am at the Schiller Statue in Schiller Park in German Village. Both experienced walkers and first-timers are welcome. Walkers have multiple routes to choose from, ranging from 3 to 5 miles in length. The routes vary from week to week, enabling members to explore several streets and neighborhoods throughout the area. Following the walks, the GVWC meets up at Winans Chocolate and Coffee Shop to socialize.

The GVWC has four specific goals:

  1. Promote walking as exercise

  2. Showcase downtown Columbus

  3. Building friendships

  4. Supporting each other

Our law firm is one of the GVWC’s sponsors. We believe in the GVWC’s mission and hope that our firm’s sponsorship can help them expand on the work they do to promote and support health and wellness throughout our community.

Since 1929, the Columbus workers’ compensation lawyers at Larrimer & Larrimer have been successfully fighting for the rights of injured workers and their families in our community.

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