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Is It Safe to Work on a Forklift?

Powered industrial vehicles, like forklifts, killed more than 100 warehouse workers between 2005 and 2013. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) established its Local Emphasis Program (LEP) to try to reduce injuries and fatalities caused by these vehicles.

In March, OSHA evaluated forklift use at Central Transport LLC as part of an LEP for Wisconsin, Illinois and Ohio. Management at the Hillside facility had failed to remove damaged forklifts from service, increasing the risk of an accident or malfunction.

OSHA cited Central Transport for the forklift violation, but it also observed numerous fall hazards after inspectors noticed a lack of guardrails on raised platforms and dangerous wet floor conditions.

In total, the facility received 16 safety and health violations, five of which were repeat offenses. OSHA’s proposed penalties totaled $145,420.

Does OSHA Do Enough for Workers?

OSHA works hard to hold employers responsible for their employees’ working conditions, but its inspectors cannot be everywhere at once. Employers have a responsibility to identify and remove workplace hazards, but sometimes workers have to be the ones to stand up and demand change.

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