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Is Employee Safety Good for Businesses?

The business world can be both fierce and competitive. This type of environment can lead to risky behavior on the part of supervisors and management, and that can be bad news for workers trying to make a living. However, what many of these businesses don’t realize is that the solution to their financial woes could be as simple as investing in employee safety.

Good Business = Better Employee Safety

The Journal of Accounting and Economics recently published a report with some disturbing findings. Apparently, managers struggling to meet earnings goals will often sacrifice employee safety to hit those goals. This type of behavior may satisfy investors, but they can leave workers in danger of health risks or even injury. Here in Ohio, we actually have guards against these types of business practices.

The Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation (BWC) runs many programs to help teach businesses how to keep their employees safe. From conventions to a library of free and informational services, the BWC works very hard to spread the business of safety. Every year the bureau spends $15 million on grants that provide three dollars for every one spent on safety improvements up to $40,000. This helps bolster the studies that say ever one-dollar investment spent on employee safety actually returns between two and six dollars.

These investments not only improve worker safety, they boost morale, which also boosts productivity. Despite this, some overstressed managers and executives still don’t see the benefit of these safety investments. This can lead to unsafe work environments where workers like you can be hurt.

The solution to these types of unsafe work conditions involves protecting yourself. Don’t be afraid to report safety violations to OSHA and other workplace safety officials. And if you get hurt in such an environment, don’t hide it or fail to report your injury. You should contact a Columbus workers compensation attorney to ensure that you are taken care of.

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