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Is A&B Foundry & Machining Inc. Putting Workers at Risk?

A 2012 inspection from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) found that A&B Foundry & Machining Inc. exposed workers to risk of amputation, respiratory damage and hearing loss. Just last month, OSHA paid the Franklin foundry another visit and issued 12 repeated workplace safety violations, two serious safety violations and one “other-than-serious” safety violation, including the following:

  1. Allowing machines to operate without safety guards

  2. Failing to review safety procedures that prevent unintentional operation of the machines periodically

  3. Multiple violations of respiratory standards

  4. Failing to provide training to workers on noise hazards

  5. Overloading lifting devices

  6. Failed to require workers to wear mandatory protective equipment, including face and head protection

  7. Allowed workers to use damaged protective gear

  8. Failure to close electrical openings

Total, OSHA is slapping the foundry with $143,150 in fines for these violations.

A&B Foundry & Machining Inc. is Ignoring Workplace Safety Standards

While it may seem dangerous, occupations involving metal casting can be very safe when proper procedures are followed and the job is done correctly. Employers must keep workers safe by training them on how to use equipment safely. Equipment and machinery must receive regular inspections and maintenance. Protective gear must be provided and also receive regular inspections. This is especially true for flame-resistant gear. Workers must be made aware of the risks involved, including infrared and ultraviolet hazards.

According to OSHA, most workplace accidents and injuries only occur from a lack of training or negligence in properly employing safety standards. In particular, foundry workers operate with high temperatures, fuels and fumes, so foundry employers must take extra care to keep workers safe. While no injuries have yet been reported by A&B Foundry & Machining, this company’s luck won’t hold out forever and OSHA needs to work with the company to ensure it will provide a safer work environment.

Larrimer & Larrimer is a workers’ compensation law firm that fights for victims injured in workplace accidents in the Lima, Zanesville, Columbus and Newark areas of Ohio.


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