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Hurt at work? What now?

When You Get Hurt on the Job

If you suffer a workplace injury, it is important to notify your employer of the injury and seek treatment as soon as possible. While your injuries may resolve over time without the need for medical treatment, it is still important to document how you were injured at work and what symptoms you experience as a result of the work injury. If possible, complete an incident report through your employer and obtain a copy for your records. When seeking treatment, make sure you state accurately and clearly how you were injured.

Reporting Accuracy is important

Two of the most common defenses against legitimate workers compensation claims are that: 1.) the injury was not reported in a timely manner; and 2.) initial treatment records do not document the work-related injury. The chances of successfully establishing a workers’ compensation claim to cover injury-related medical bills and lost wages due to your injury will be significantly increased by timely reporting the incident and seeking treatment to address the workplace injury. Be sure to inform the treating medical professional and their staff that the injury is work-related. In some cases, the doctor’s office will help you complete the form necessary to establish a workers’ compensation claim with the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.

By reporting the injury in writing and creating documentation in the form of a treatment record, you will establish a record that clearly documents both when and how the injury occurred. If the injury does not then resolve over time, you will not need to rely on your memory alone to establish the details of your injury later. Note, however, that a worker’s compensation claim must be filed within one year of the injury. Claims filed more that one year after the injury will be barred by the statute of limitations except in the case of occupational diseases.

A Trusted Workers’ Comp Partner

In addition to documenting your workplace injury, you need a legal partner who can navigate the process of filing a workers’ compensation claim. Our firm has helped countless Ohio workers to file, claim and receive the benefits to compensate for their injuries. Contact our firm today for a free evaluation of your case.

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