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Huntington Park in Columbus, Ohio

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Huntington Park, located in the heart of downtown Columbus, Ohio, is the state's premier baseball stadium. Built-in 2009, the state-of-the-art facility hosts the Columbus Clippers, a triple-A affiliate of the Cleveland Indians. Home games take place from April to September each year, and the entire family can enjoy this family-oriented environment. Information can be found here.

Upon entering the park, visitors are instantly taken in by the bold red and blue exterior, featuring the Clopper logo over the words "Home of the Columbus Clippers." Upon entering, you can't help but take a second look at the scoreboard, highlighting the day's game and players. Outside the stadium are a few souvenirs stands offering a number of Clipper-related items. Inside the stadium, visitors can find some of the best seats in the house. There is a wide selection of options ranging from traditional seating, luxurious club seats, and exclusive Field Level seats. There are also family seats located along the first-base line and various options for groups, like the bleachers or the private areas. The seating options offer unbeatable views of the field. On top of all that, Huntington Park offers a great selection of food options. From classic pies to hot dogs, tacos, and pretzels, the possibilities are endless. There are also a wide variety of beer choices, from light lagers to dark ales and stouts; something for everyone. And for the kids, the food provided ranges from the cotton candy to nachos and popcorn, providing a delicious meal for the entire family. See here for information about Battelle Riverfront Park: A Quiet and Serene Park in the Heart of Columbus.

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