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How Long Does OSHA Have to Investigate On-the-Job Accidents?

Earlier this month, a recycling worker in Haviland, Ohio was killed in a grinding machine explosion. According to Plastics News, a manufacturing industry news website, the man who was killed was operating the grinding machine prior to the deadly explosion. Reportedly, when the machine exploded, a piece of it hit the man in the head. It is unclear what led to the explosion. While the police did respond to this incident, generally, the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will investigate on-the-job accidents. In this case, OSHA’s Chicago office is investigating the incident. However, per the report in Plastics News, OSHA will have up to six months to complete their investigation.

What Happens During an OSHA Investigation?

Any on-the-job accident that results in death must be reported to OSHA in person or by phone within eight hours of the incident. Generally, OSHA compliance officers conduct investigations. However, in some states, state inspectors conduct investigations.

Most OSHA inspections are conducted during a workplace’s regular business hours. In some cases, employers have the right to deny OSHA inspectors entry and demand that they obtain a warrant before conducting an inspection of their place of business. Employees and employer representatives can accompany OSHA compliance officers during their inspections. OSHA inspectors can conduct private interviews with employees during their inspections.

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