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How Can Employers Protect Workers from MRSA?

When people think about Staphylococcus aureus—also known as MRSA—they often think about locker rooms and gyms, and bacteria found on dirty floors, seats or equipment.

Many MRSA outbreaks are reported based through sports, involving athletes or players who have come down with infections. However, workers in industries such as healthcare and sanitation can also be exposed to dangerous bacteria found at worksites.

MRSA is a very specific type of infection that is resistant to antibiotics, so outbreaks must be treated very seriously. MRSA victims can develop symptoms including blood infections and pneumonia, which can be fatal, or lose limbs associated with the spread of an infection.

According to Safety and Health Magazine, MRSA is transmittable through:

  1. Frequent and direct skin-to-skin contact

  2. Compromised skin (a cut or scratch)

  3. Contaminated surfaces and items

  4. A lack of cleanliness

Because of this, employers must ensure that workplaces are kept bacteria-free and that all workers are clean. Some tips offered by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health in preventing the spread of infection include:

  1. Ensuring that employee wounds are covered at all times

  2. Making sure workers regularly and thoroughly wash their hands

  3. Displaying signs about refraining from sharing personal items, including uniforms and towels

  4. Disinfecting potentially contaminated surfaces or tools

Ohio Workers’ Compensation Claims Following a Bacterial Infection

If you have obtained a bacterial infection due to unsanitary conditions offered by your employer, you may be able to workers’ compensation benefits. If you are unable to work for an extended period of time due to an infection or have lost a limb, workers’ compensation benefits can be tremendously helpful during your recovery.

Through workers’ compensation, you can pay for your living expenses and make sure that your medical care is provided.

Talk to an attorney about your legal options. Our workers’ compensation lawyer work with clients in Columbus, Zanesville, Newark, Cambridge, Portsmouth, Logan, Lancaster, Jackson and Chillicothe.

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