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How Can Bionic Limbs Help Injured Workers?

An Ohio company is transforming how injured workers can heal from amputations by developing bionic limbs. Bionic limbs are prosthetics that use robotics.

An Athens, Maine man has been able to utilize this new technology to repair damage done to his hand from a pellet mill accident. After his injury, the Maine man lost several of his fingers and could no longer enjoy his favorite hobby, photography. By using his new bionic hand, the man can mow the lawn, clean his house and operate a camera.

The bionic hand has many settings, all of which can be controlled by a mobile Bluetooth device and application. Settings allow users to customize gestures and grip patterns. Sensors on bionic limbs feel how users wish to move by detecting very small muscle movements. In this case, the injured man lost several fingers, and the sensors detect movements of his joints, which are still intact.

According to the Maine man and his father, the advanced bionic limb was paid for by the Maine Office of Workers’ Compensation. Although the man remains unemployed due to his injury, he anticipates a further settlement through the workers’ compensation system to help him find a place to live, buy a vehicle and continue his recovery.

Can Having A Workers’ Comp Attorney Provide Better Care?

Injured workers need the best care possible to heal or adapt to injuries. Having a workers’ comp attorney advocate for your case can help ease the claims process and potentially provide additional benefits needed for daily living expenses or recovery.

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