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How Big of a Problem is Workers’ Compensation Fraud?

A survey conducted by Summit Pharmacy Inc., an American workers’ compensation pharmacy, has found that many Americans hold a stigma against injured workers who file for workers’ compensation. Thirty-seven percent of the surveyed population assert that “most workers’ compensation claims are made by people who don’t want to work.”

And certainly, whenever a system is in place, there will always be someone who tries to exploit it. However, this opinion suggests that workers’ compensation fraud is a much bigger beast than it really is.

Studies show that only 1 to 2 percent of workers’ compensation claims are fraudulent. It is difficult to imagine that the tens of thousands of working men and women killed on the job every year were hoping for an easy life on their employer’s dollar. Similar numbers show that it would be difficult to obtain medication in the event of a workplace injury, and 35 percent agreed that filling out all of the necessary workers’ compensation paperwork requires too much work.

Why, then, would someone who does not want to work go through the trouble? If the person filing the claim does not want to work, then certainly the mountains of paperwork and grudging bureaucracy ought to dissuade them from filing a fraudulent claim. What the negative stigma boils down to is an ad hominem attack on people who file for workers’ compensation.

A Workplace Injury Has Lowered My Quality of Life. How Can I Get the Compensation I Deserve?

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