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Gravel Company in Middleton Fined After Worker Fatally Engulfed by Silo

Central Ready Mix LLC, a Middletown, Ohio-based gravel company, has been cited and fined after the death of an employee in August. The 39-year-old worker noticed that fly-ash bits were blocking the flow out of the bottom discharge of a silo. He attempted to clear the obstruction manually, but after that did not work he decided to climb into the silo and break off the fly-ash bits. After a few hours of clearing, the silo flooded with fly-ash and the worker died.

“Engulfment is one of the six major hazards present in silo-type storage facilities. Employers can’t be assured that entries into a silo without incident will occur,” according to the Cincinnati-area OSHA director. “This was a terrible, preventable tragedy that underscores the importance of complying with safety precautions, such as using harnesses and lanyards. Employers are responsible for identifying hazards and ensuring workers follow proper procedures to prevent injury or death.”

OSHA inspected the gravel facility and found a number of violations, such as failure to require harnesses, failure to prevent unauthorized entry, failure to provide necessary equipment, failure to train workers, failure to develop emergency procedures, failure to address unsafe catwalks and failure to secure catwalks. After 15 days, the company must comply with the proposed changes and pay the $55,800 fine.

My Employer Lacks Safety Procedures And I Fear Imminent Injury. Who Do I Call?

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