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Goodale Park: A Reflection of a True Ohioan Tourist Destination

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

The great state of Ohio is known for its sprawling fields, rolling hills, and of course, its flourishing cities and towns. Of those cities comes Columbus, Ohio, a metropolitan hub of the Midwest lined with culture and activities. One of its greatest local attractions is Goodale Park, a huge plot of parkland nestled between downtown and the Ohio State University campus. With its rich history, beautiful displays of nature, and a cornucopia of activities, Goodale Park is a delightful destination for tourists. Learn information about Columbus, OH.

Goodale Park has humble origins that date back to its acquisition in April of 1851. The land was purchased by Lincoln Goodale, a prominent member of the Columbus community, for the purpose of providing local citizens with recreational activities. Much of its history is steeped in the significance of its early years; it was the first public city park in Ohio and continues to thrive today as the oldest city park of its kind in the state. Goodale Park offers a wealth of amenities for visitors from Columbus and beyond. At over 29 acres, Goodale Park provides a vast array of activities which makes it one of the best parks for sightseeing in Ohio. The park has several nature trails, including a forest path and a pondside trail, so visitors can revel in the natural beauty that Ohio has to offer. Discover facts about Huntington Park in Columbus, Ohio: A Very Decent Park.

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