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Georgia Manufacturer Cited for Repeat Safety Violations

Spruill Products Inc. is facing federal fines for workplace safety violations, according to WorkersCompensation.com. Inspectors from the US Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) investigated the Spruill facility in Atlanta last January and cited 26 violations. Proposed fines total $86,200.

Five of the violations were repeat violations relating to failure to ensure employees have proper protective equipment over their eyes and faces. Other citations included failure to implement “lockout/tagout” procedures for mechanical equipment. This allows machines to be shut off quickly in the event that a worker is in danger. Spruill was also cited for failure to provide guards for saws and belts as well as failure to administer effective hearing conservation programs. Spruill managed to violate most of the major safety regulations, not to mention that OSHA cited the company for similar violations in August 2008.

“Repeat violations indicate this employer has failed to ensure that workplace hazards previously brought to management’s attention stayed corrected,” said regional OSHA director Bill Fulcher. “Employers are responsible for ensuring that employees have a safe and healthful working environment.”

If you hold a high-risk occupation, your employer is responsible for minimizing the risks and doing everything it can to keep you safe. If you have been injured and need workers compensation contact us today for a free consultation.

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