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Garage Collapses Unexpectedly in Florida

A parking garage near downtown Fort Lauderdale collapsed on September 5, according to CBS News in Miami. The garage was in the process of being demolished, but was not to be finished until the following day. Officials from the US Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) are investigating the collapse.

“All of [a] sudden I just jumped up and said ‘It’s the parking garage, the whole parking garage fell down,’” said Van Watson, who works in the neighboring tower. “People were running around downstairs, making sure everyone was ok. Then we started to hear the fire trucks coming and that’s when we knew some really, it wasn’t supposed to fall as quickly as it [did].”

The sudden collapse was in no way part of the demolition plan. Fortunately, only two people suffered minor injuries.

“Maybe [it’s] a big bonus for them,” said witness Willie Banks. “They got an 8-week job done in 48 hours.”

While it may be easy for some to make light of this incident since no one was seriously hurt, but it is important that OSHA determine the cause of the collapse. Next time, many lives could be lost.

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