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Fire at Facility with OSHA History

Rex Forge, a metal forging company, had one of its facilities severely damaged by a fire on July 31, according to MyRecordJournal.com. The fire at the facility in Southington, Connecticut, began after a feed line on an electrical discharge machine broke, covering the machine in mineral oil. An open flame ignited the machine. Fortunately, no workers were severely injured in the fire.

What is more troubling than the fire itself is Rex Forge’s track record with the US Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). According to OSHA records, the company has been cited for 21 “serious” violations in the last five years. Violations have included problems with power equipment,improper training of employees, a lack of fire extinguishers and problems with ventilation and wiring. It was not determined whether OSHA was going to investigate this latest incident.

“We’re in touch with the Southington Fire Marshall,” said OSHA area director Robert Kowalski. “I haven’t made a determination if I’m going to put someone in there yet.”

Kowalski noted he would wait until the fire department’s investigation is completed. Please visit our website for more information on workers comp, and contact our office today for a free consultation if you were injured at work.

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