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Fast Food Workers at High Risk for Burn Injuries

Fast food workers routinely work with boiling grease, hot pans and ovens. According to a Fast Food Workplace Safety study released earlier this year, 79 percent of fast food workers have been burned in the last year, most more than once. For some of these individuals, injuries can range from second to third degree burns and leave permanent scarring.

A fast food work accident that occurred in Melbourne, Australia can show just how brutal burn injuries can be for workers. According to Australian press, a 16-year-old KFC employee suffered third degree burns over his cheeks, nose, hands, arms and torso after coming into contact with boiling grease. Grease used in fast food restaurants can be heated to more than 335 degrees Fahrenheit. To put this into perspective, water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit and can still cause significant burn injuries.

Earlier this year in May, dozens of workers from 19 cities filed complaints with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration over dangerous work conditions and burn injuries. One worker claimed he was told by a manager to put mayonnaise on a burn instead of treating it properly. Other workers have claimed they suffered permanent scarring from their burns.

How Can Burn Injuries Affect Fast Food Workers?

Depending on the severity, burns can cause disfigurement, which can lead to further emotional and socioeconomic problems. Fast food restaurants are potentially putting some of the youngest workers at risk by providing unsafe working environments. Workers who are injured as badly as the boy in Australia will face lifelong difficulties associated with being disfigured.

For fast food workers injured by burns, it may be necessary to seek disability or workers’ compensation benefits to allow time for recovery.

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