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Does Your Small Business Have a Safety Program?

Do you work at a small/medium size business? Was there a safety training program or safety procedures in place at the workplace? It is a requirement of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) that every high-risk workplace must provide an adequate, clearly understandable, and helpful safety training program for all its employees. Safety training programs help employees be safe, know how to handle a hazard when it occurs, and boost employee morale. This also helps the employer retain talented and more motivated employees.

Training Requirements by OHSA

OSHA has hundreds of safety training requirements listed by industry or type of work done. There are different requirements for forklift operators, respiratory protection from silica and dust, fire protection, textiles, building homes and many more. You can review the OSHA requirements online, a good tool if you notice a specific area where safety seems to be lacking. A Columbus workers comp lawyer can also review your workplace procedures to make sure they are compliant with OSHA regulations.

Have You Told Your Employer They Need to Have One?

If you have suggested that there is a lack of safety awareness, your employer should immediately address the issue and start drafting one. There are many available sample programs, existing OSHA regulations, and safety blogs to choose from. If for some reason your employer is not addressing the issue, or worse, threatening your employment for bringing up the issue, you should contact OSHA for a worksite inspection. You have the legal right to refuse to work in unsafe conditions, and should consider contacting a Columbus workers’ comp attorney in the event of a workplace injury. A workers’ comp lawyer can strengthen your case, and many times get you more coverage than the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation or your employer’s insurance is willing to give out.

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