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Different Types of Ohio BWC Compensation

Workplace Injuries Happen Everywhere

There are risks at any job. Although many people associate dangerous jobs with occupations such as construction, mining, forestry, and fire-fighting, even mundane office jobs still present quiet hazards. It is critical to understand that there are risks with any line of work, and that all workers’ can apply for Ohio workers’ compensation benefits when they are injured in a work-related accident.

Suffering and recovering from a work related illness or injury puts victims out of work for an undetermined amount of time and usually results in high medical bills and increased stress and anxiety. It’s important in any and all work-related injuries for the worker to seek workers’ comp benefits in Ohio.

When filing for workers’ compensation, it’s crucial that you understand the different workers’ comp benefits in Ohio that are available to injured workers. If you don’t understand the types of benefits for approved claims, then the process becomes much more difficult to complete. Below are the most common types of benefits under Ohio workers’ compensation law.

Different Types of Ohio BWC Compensation

Temporary Total Compensation: This compensates a worker who is disabled resulting from a work-related injury or occupational disease.

Permanent Partial (Scheduled Loss): Compensates an injured worker when a certain amount of permanent damage remains, such as loss of vision.

Percent of Permanent Partial: Compensates an injured worker when a percentage of lasting effects or permanent damage remains, such as an injured shoulder with a limited range of motion.

Permanent Total Disability: This benefit compensated an injured worker for the inability to perform sustained and paid employment due to the work-related injury.

Wage Loss: Compensates an injured worker for reduced earnings as a direct result of restrictions from the injury conditions in the claim.

Change of Occupation: This compensates injured workers who have been medically advised to change their occupation.

There is an exhaustive list available on the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation website, and more legal guidance available through the Ohio workers’ compensation attorneys with Larrimer & Larrimer.

Larrimer & Larrimer is a professional and dedicated law firm that has been protecting the rights of Ohio’s injured workers for almost a century. When applying for workers’ comp benefits in Ohio, making the smallest error could set a worker back weeks or months without compensation or wages for their injuries, which is why it’s important to consult with Larrimer & Larrimer on your case before pursuing compensation.

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