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Did Power Coatings Expose Workers to Toxic Chemicals?

Power Coatings LLC has been cited by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for $51,800 worth of safety violations, based on a variety of issues at their plant in Jainesville, WI. The company, which specializes in powder coating metal parts, failed to properly protect its workers from toxic substances, according to an OSHA report.

OSHA investigated the plant in response to a complaint that was lodged in December 2013. Upon inspection, OSHA discovered that the company failed to require protective skin and eye equipment for their workers, to protect against methyl ethyl ketone, dust, and other respiratory hazards.

The company also failed to monitor its air quality for the dangerous chemicals, leaving workers even more exposed to their effects. In addition to not providing personal safety equipment, the company also had no written respiratory protection or hazard communication program, and failed to educate its workers on potential hazards in the workplace.

“Workers were exposed daily to dangerous hazards, many of which could be prevented with the use of proper personal protective equipment and respiratory protection,” said OSHA’s area director in Madison. “The company must identify and correct workplace hazards and provide workers with required safety training.”

I Was Injured On The Job. Who Can I Call?

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