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Could Globalization Be Making Workplace Accidents More Frequent?

Recent research has been linking an increase in global operations to an increase in industrial workplace accidents. Industrial accidents can have catastrophic effects on workers and the environment. Companies have been known to outsource more environmentally damaging industries such as ship-breaking or toxic waste removal to countries that have less evolved regulatory infrastructure. Differences in technology, regulations, and attitudes toward safety and environmental responsibility are all reasons why working with multiple countries can increase the risk of these accidents. Below are some examples of how these factors can cause problems.

Why Do Breakdowns in Safety Regulations Happen?

  1. Differences in technologies: Imagine an American computer company manufactures in china, and the technology used to measure the amount of waste byproducts from computers is not up to date in China. This could cause a huge toxic waste management problem for this company and the Chinese environment.

  2. Differences in regulations and attitudes: Not every culture has the same attitude about the importance of environmental health and offers the same amount of economic freedom. The same project will not be treated equally in different parts of the world. Political climates in any country may be corrupt, which can greatly affect safety, health, and environmental issues.

How Can You Hold Companies Accountable for Their Actions?

Globalization poses a challenge to companies across the world, especially in the areas of safety and environmental health. In the USA, there are a strict set of regulations that companies have to follow for both workplace safety and a healthy environment. If you wonder whether your company or another local company has become too lax in regulations, contact Columbus workplace safety attorneys at Larrimer &Larrimer LLC for more in-depth advice on how to take action.

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