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Columbus Workers Comp Attorneys: Enough is Enough for Repeat Offender

A recycling plant in North Bergen, New Jersey, has been fined over $700,000 over the last four years for multiple safety violations, according to NorthJersey.com. To say that the US Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has Eagle Recycling of New Jersey in its crosshairs would be an understatement.

The latest fine occurred on March 18 when OSHA issued a $70,070 fine to Eagle Recycling following a probe stemming from a workplace accident in which an employee lost six fingers. OSHA cited the facility with one repeat violation and three serious violations, including failure to equip lockout equipment for energy sources on a conveyer belt and a lack of guards on the belt. Both of these violations were found to be factors in this latest accident. Other minor citations were issued for ladder violations and for unguarded elevated platforms.

“Of course we will engage in discussion with OSHA,” said David DeClement, the attorney representing Eagle Recycling. “It’s always unfortunate when someone is hurt. It doesn’t make any difference what the cause is. And his injuries were fairly grievous. We have great sympathy for him and his family, and hope that he recovers.”

While Eagle Recycling’s remorse sounds nice, the most important thing going forward is that the company ensures that a similar accident does not happen again. Given its recent track history with OSHA, it seems as if something may be off at this recycling plant. Why are there continuous safety violations? Is it a problem with management? A safety-conscious climate at any facility trickles down from the top. Management at Eagle Recycling needs to make safety its top priority before workers are killed.

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