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Columbus Workers Comp Attorneys Break Down New Jersey OSHA Violator

The US Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently cited a commercial laundry facility in Paterson, New Jersey, for multiple safety violations. OSHA officials investigated a Star Laundry facility owned by Brite Services Inc. following an anonymous complaint from an employee. The worker alleged that managers would not allow employees to evacuate the building during an emergency.

OSHA proposed $164,700 in fines against Brite and cited 39 serious violations, including:

  1. Exposing workers to moving traffic—workers had to cross public streets while carrying laundry bins from one building to another

  2. A lack of guardrails around open pits

  3. Lack of handrails on staircases

  4. Failure to apply for and receive a permit required for employers with workers in confined spaces

  5. A lack of energy-control program and procedures

  6. Failure to train truck drivers and operators

  7. Failure to document scheduled maintenance checks on trucks

  8. Failure to insulate and cover steam pipes

  9. Lack of a hearing conservation program

  10. Lack of emergency eyewash stations and issuing personal protective equipment (goggles)

“The vast number and range of safety and health hazards observed by OSHA at this facility indicates the lack of a functioning safety and health management system,” OSHA’s Lisa Levy said. “Each employer is responsible for ensuring a safe and healthful work environment, which Brite Services did not do. This company has the opportunity now to educate itself, correct these hazards and protect its workers.”

Considering the slew of violations, Brite Services has some work to do to ensure the safety of its workers. It is fortunate that no one was killed at this facility. If you or a loved one has been injured on the job, contact our firm for a free consultation so you can receive assistance filing for workers comp.

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