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Columbus Workers Comp Attorney Weighs In on OSHA Fines

A federal inspection of an A&S Metals recycling facility in Butte, Monday resulted in fines for the company, according to sources. The US Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) arrived at the facility in July and cited 12 safety violations with a “substantial probability” of causing a catastrophic injury or death.

OSHA cited violations for a lack of guards on equipment, including a drill press, metal compactors, a vertical grinder and shears. A&S was also cited for hazards related to crane use. Proposed fines total $59,000.

“It’s very fortunate that no employee suffered an amputation or other serious injury as a result of the safety violations identified at this facility,” said OSHA’s Jeff Funke. “OSHA is addressing machine guarding hazards through a national emphasis program that is focused on preventing amputations and fatalities in selected industries.”

All power equipment with belts, drills and other large moving parts must be protected with guards. There is no excuse for management at a facility like this to expose workers to a serious hazards such as this. We hope this fine serves as a wakeup call.

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