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Cleveland Workers Injured After Scaffolding Collapse

The Cleveland Fire Department rushed two injured workers to the hospital on January 24 after a scaffolding collapse, according to sources in Cleveland. The accident occurred on the 700 block of Jefferson, according to reports.

The scaffolding the men were working on collapsed. One of the men fell three stories along with the scaffolding, while the other was left suspended in mid air, hanging on by a rope attached at his waist.

Firefighters extended a ladder to rescue the dangling worker. Their medical condition is still unknown.

Scaffold collapses are one of the most common construction accidents. You should always be secured by a harness that is connected to the building when working on a scaffold, no matter how secure it appears. According to the US Department of Labor, 72% or workers injured in scaffold accidents said the planking or support gave way.

Have you or a loved one ever been injured due to a collapsed scaffold?

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