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Cincinnati Business Owner Failed To Provide Workers’ Compensation

The owner of the Cincinnati-based business, Bittner Construction, received $55,000 in fines to the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) after pleading guilty to multiple counts of workers’ compensation fraud, a fifth-degree felony. The fine was part of a plea bargain which included court costs, a $1,000 fine, four years of community control and 500 hours of community service. If the owner of Bittner Construction cannot meet the demands of the deal, he will face two years in prison.

“Bittner Construction had lapsed coverage, and this wasn’t the first time,” said the CEO of BWC. “BWC attempted to work with Mr. Bittner, but he failed to pay the premiums or enter into a payment plan. The bottom line is that all employers need to pay for workers’ compensation coverage. We’re pleased that these overdue premiums will finally be collected.”

The BWC’s Employer Compliance Department (ECD) investigated Bittner Construction over five years ago for failing to provide coverage. Bittner Construction agreed to change their policies and work within the BWC standards and the ECD assumed that the company would act on their word. However, Bittner Construction made no change to its policy and operated from 2007 until now with lapsed workers’ compensation coverage. The case was then handed over to the BWC’s Employer Fraud Team (EFT) who tried to cooperate with the business owner. Despite reporting the company’s payroll to the EFT, they never actually paid the necessary premiums.

My Employer May Be Lying About Workers’ Compensation Coverage. What Can I Do?

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[Did You Know: The average Ohio premium is 110 percent of the national average.]

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