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Can Worrying About Your Work-Family Relationship Cause Health Issues?

Researchers with Oregon State University claim workplace stress over your work-family life may cause health problems.

Data to support that claim was gathered from 203 adults between the ages of 24 and 76. All were in a relationship and more than half had one or more children. Participants underwent review for chronic and acute health problems, such as stroke or diabetes. Researchers also asked participants to rate themselves in several categories using a five-point scale.

According to the results, participants overly concerned with work-family conflicts scored negatively in multiple categories. They also had more health conditions than those who were not as concerned with work-family problems. These conflicts included missing family events, or not spending enough time with loved ones.

The Oregon State University researchers claim mindfulness practices may help prevent health problems for workers concerned about work-family conflicts. Businesses could implement mindfulness activities to improve the health of workers. They could also be more supportive and allow workers to spend additional time with family.

Can Mindfulness Activities Help with Workplace Stress?

Mindfulness practices can include activities like yoga or meditation. These activities help people find healthy ways to handle anxiety. According to a psychiatrist at the Center for Anxiety and Traumatic Stress Disorders, mindfulness meditation may help the brain filter distracting thoughts. A study she published in JAMA Internal Medicine discovered mindfulness is helpful for people who suffer from generalized anxiety disorder.

One of the best ways to prevent stress-related diseases from developing, is to take preventative measures by developing healthy activities.

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