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Can Workers With PTSD Receive Workers’ Compensation?

A bill in the Ohio Senate is weighing the option of granting workers’ compensation benefits to emergency workers diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The bill may allow benefits even if workers do not have physical injuries, allowing access to workers’ comp for police officers and other emergency personnel. However, Ohio lawmakers might seek to expand the definition of “emergency workers”, possibly allowing more people to receive coverage.

Police officers and emergency workers respond to murders, suicides, car accidents and other potentially traumatizing scenes. Living with PTSD can have fatal consequences, including raising the risk of suicide. A 2012 study of the Chicago Fire Department found its members had a suicide rate 25 times higher than the general population.

Is PTSD A Serious Mental Health Issue?

Is it important for workers with PTSD to receive workers’ compensation? PTSD is a serious mental health condition, capable of causing panic attacks and great distress. The condition can result from witnessing or being involved in a traumatic event. According to the Mayo Clinic, individuals with PTSD may ‘relive’ the traumatic event. The may also have memory and behavioral problems, in addition to insomnia.

It could be difficult to work under those conditions, and PTSD symptoms might require time away from work. Depending on the specifics of each individual case, workers with PTSD might be eligible to receive disability benefits. Contacting a workers’ comp attorney is your first step towards finding answers.

For more information on how to apply for disability, please continue exploring our website.

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