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Can Workers’ Comp Cause Me to Lose My Social Security Benefits?

In many cases, workers who suffer a debilitating injury on the job are eligible to recover both Social Security benefits and workers’ compensation. However, when you receive Social Security disability and workers’ comp, it can result in a reduction of the amount of Social Security you receive.

How Can Workers’ Comp Reduce My Social Security Benefits?

The laws regarding workers’ compensation and Social Security disability benefits are designed to prevent people from earning more not working than they did when they were working. Therefore, if a person receives both Social Security disability and workers’ comp, the amount of his or her Social Security benefits will be reduced to ensure he or she does not earn more post-disability as pre-disability. Once a person stops receiving workers’ comp, then his or her Social Security disability benefits will be restored to their full level.

In some cases, if a workers’ compensation attorney is aware that a person is receiving or could receive Social Security disability, the lawyer may be able to prevent the person’s Social Security benefits from being reduced while he or she is receiving workers’ comp.

What Can a Workers’ Comp Lawyer Do to Help Me?

Whether you are filing a claim for workers’ compensation benefits or your claim was denied and you are seeking to appeal the decision, you should talk to a workers’ comp lawyer about your situation first. Having an experienced workers’ comp attorney guiding you through the application or appeals process can only help your chances of successfully securing workers’ comp benefits. An experienced lawyer has been through the workers’ comp application and appeals processes before and knows how to help you avoid pitfalls and secure the benefits you need.

Our Ohio workers’ compensation attorneys have been helping injured workers and their families in our community recover the injury benefits they need for decades.

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