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Can Simulators Improve Workplace Safety?

Engineers with Oregon State University are hoping to use a high-tech simulator to help construction workers train for jobs. By using a simulator, workers can be exposed to dangerous situations where they are allowed to make and learn from mistakes.

So how would such an advanced simulator work? The surroundings would have to be extremely detailed, and the simulation would use a high-definition projection system to mimic the reality of a construction site. High definition screens would surround workers using the simulator for training.

Inside the virtual work environment, workers will come across familiar dangers, such as speeding traffic or equipment failure. With graphically rendered highway traffic, confined spaces and other dangerous scenarios, construction workers can learn about the most dangerous accidents in their line of work without experiencing them.

Do Simulators Count as Workplace Safety Training?

This example is not the first attempt to use simulators for safety training. Oil companies have experimented with using simulators to train workers. Instead of using a large projection screen like in our example, the oil industry has considered utilizing virtual reality headsets to train workers to use rig equipment.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration officials in Ohio recently stated that a lack of training has led to a rise in fatal work accidents throughout the state. By training workers to experience work hazards in a simulator, they might learn how to avoid them in real life.

Not all employers properly train workers, which can lead to accidents and catastrophic injuries. Depending on the circumstances of an injury and accident, workers might be able to receive workers’ comp benefits. Contacting a workers’ comp attorney can speed up the process and likelihood of receiving workers’ comp benefits.

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