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Can I Collect Workers’ Comp If I’m Attacked at Work?

Is workers’ compensation available to people who were attacked at work? The workers’ comp laws in many states differ, but in most states, yes, workplace violence injury victims are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. However, the key is that you must prove that the fight or assault and as a result, the injuries you sustained were work-related.

For instance, if a friend shows up at your place of business and you get in an argument resulting in him or her assaulting you, that would probably be considered personal and you would not receive workers’ comp for that. On the other hand, if a customer attacked and injured you while you were trying to help them, then that would be considered a work-related injury and you would be able to collect workers’ compensation.

Can I Still Get Workers’ Comp If I’m Injured in a Workplace Fight I Started?

Generally, even if you are at fault for your work injury, you can still collect workers’ compensation benefits. However, in the case of workplace altercations, if you started the fight that led to you suffering on-the-job injuries, you cannot collect workers’ comp.

Do I Need a Workers’ Comp Lawyer If My Work Injury Was the Result of an Assault?

Anytime you or a loved one suffers any type work-related injury, whether it’s an accident or the result of workplace violence, you should discuss the incident with a workers’ comp attorney. An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can answer your questions, analyze your situation, tell you whether you have a valid case and explain what the best options are for you and your family.

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