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Can Companies Prevent Work Related Car Accidents?

Car accidents are a major cause of workplace deaths and injuries, so it is important for employers to develop strategies that can help keep travelling employees safe. Fortunately, the National Safety Council has developed a Cell Phone Policy Assessment tool that allows employers to assess the effectiveness of their mobile phone policies. The National Safety Council is a non-profit organization that teaches workplace safety, first aid and driving safety training.

The assessment tool asks questions about what industry an employer operates in, which state the company resides in and what restrictions are placed on wireless devices for workers. After filling in the data, employers are given an assessment to see how their practices compare with the best policies for stopping distracted driving accidents.

Crash and liability risk assessments are also included, in addition to suggestions for ways to inform employees about the risks of distracted driving. In theory, employees of any company could fill out the same assessment to see how their employer ranks.

What Other Programs Help Prevent Work-Related Car Accidents?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has its own initiatives for preventing workplace-related distracted driving accidents. OSHA uses an educational campaign for employers during Drive Safely to Work Week, which takes place in late October this year.

A greater emphasis is placed on reaching younger workers who are more likely to engage in distracted driving. Employers are given examples of which policies are the most affective for preventing accidents. Distracted driving accidents kill nine people in the United States every day, so it is important for employers to consider this and provide a safe workplace for employees.

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