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BWC Recognizes Fire Station for Outstanding Safety Practices

On June 12, Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) CEO Steve Buehrer visited the Paint Creek Joint EMS/Fire District to recognize their achievements in maintaining a safe workplace.

The Paint Creek emergency response unit offers a number of services to the community, including:

  1. Patient transportation to hospitals.

  2. Water, rope and off-road rescue.

  3. Public educational outreach on health issues.

Some job-related tasks, like loading and unloading ambulance patients, could lead to worker injuries. The injuries most commonly reported are back and shoulder sprains, crushed fingers and lacerations.

Buehrer presented the assistant fire chief with a check for $30,000 through the BWC’s Safety Intervention Grant Program. BWC’s safety initiative establishes a partnership with employers, and awards grant money to businesses who work to prevent accidents and injury.

The city is using the grant to purchase a Ferno iNIX patient transport and loading system, which would mechanically lift patients into the ambulance and reduce the strain on emergency responders.

Quarterly data reports allow the BWC to follow up on applicants and identify successful policies. Businesses that choose to participate in the program also qualify for a 3-to-1 matching incentive up to $40,000.

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[Did You Know: The BWC now has $15 million dollars to spend on Safety Intervention Grants as part of their Billion Back plan.]

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