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Brooklyn Heights Manufacturer Issued Eight Safety Citations

General Awning Co., a Brooklyn Heights, Ohio manufacturer, was hit with $48,800 in proposed penalties as a result of eight safety violations. The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued the violations and fines after it found during a follow-up inspection that General Awning had failed to correct six previous violations, and the company’s attempt to correct two other previous violations was inadequate.

“Six months after the previous inspection, General Awning failed to correct the safety violations noted,” Howard Eberts, OSHA’s area director in Cleveland, told the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Public Affairs.

General Awning was previously cited for all eight of its latest violations in October of 2012. Of the eight violations, six were failure-to-abate violations issued for failing to correct deficiencies involving the:

  1. Lack of a written hazard communication program and training of workers

  2. Lack of an availability of safety data sheets for chemicals utilized in the facility

  3. Lack of an energy control program

  4. Lack of training for forklift drivers

  5. Lack of markings for overhead storage locations indicating approved load capacities

The two repeat violations that General Awning was cited for were for failing to ensure all necessary machine guarding was present and affixed to machinery.

“Employers who are cited for failure-to-abate and repeat violations show a profound lack of commitment to worker safety and health and a lack of awareness about the dangers that exist in their facility,” said Eberts.

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